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Say goodbye to those annoying drips, stained ceiling tiles, or overflowing five gallon buckets.

We’ve all heard a structure is only as good as its foundation, which is true. But what about the roof? The single most problematic aspect of a building is the roof.

The last thing any business wants to worry about is trying to continually work around a failing roof. Let Systems West do it right, and fix your problems with a long-term, reliable solution.

Throughout the years, Systems West has worked with many clients to fix their leaky roofs with our Butler MR-24 standing seam roof system. Like our company, the MR-24 Roof System has past the ultimate test of time, being around since the 1960’s. The combination of Systems West’s commitment of standing behind our products and services and Butler’s industry leading roof warranty, your roof can have a 40 year lifespan with minimal maintenance. How old is that leaky roof you have now?

No matter what type of roof system you have on your current building, we will work towards the best solution for relieving your problems. In most cases, we will not have to remove your existing roof. This means less distraction to your company, and added savings.

Flat roof? No problem. We have a versatile re-roof solution designed to be installed over an existing flat roof. Our Slope Build-Up System is a structural framing solution designed to enable the efficient installation of our exclusive MR-24 Roof over any roof that is flat or has minimal slope.

We even have the abilities to use our Slope Build-Up framing system for architectural roof systems designed for higher slope applications where the roof plays an integral role in the buildings appearance.

We would like to include you as another satisfied re-roof customer. So say goodbye to those annoying drips, stained ceiling tiles, or overflowing five gallon buckets.

Our experience and performance in the re-roof industry has been recognized by many, including Metal Construction News, who has named Systems West amongst the Top Metal Roofers.

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