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Every project is unique. Each one of our projects has different dynamics, different complexity levels, budgets, owner involvement, schedules, owner comfort levels, and other various differences. Systems West offers a variety of construction services and delivery methods to best suit your job and priorities. No matter how we are of service to you, you’ll be proud to see progress through building with Systems West.

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Systems West has always specialized in commercial construction. We have in-house construction crews with many years of experience. We have our own construction employees, our own specialized construction equipment, and quality construction tools. This has value to you the customer. Our industry has changed to the point that most commercial construction companies today do not have these resources. We can provide you a turnkey project that will be completed on time to our high-quality standards, and we have the resources to service your building for its lifetime.

Commercial Construction Services Include:

This Systems West approach to construction revolves around the design-build concept.Through this approach, a team is formed with the customer, contractors, architect and engineer. The common goal of the team is to design and build a project that satisfies the needs of the customer.

A construction project can be very involved and complicated, and Systems West's goal is to simplify it for our clients. With our design-build team approach, there is single source responsibility. As the general contractor, Systems West has complete accountability for the project. The entire construction process becomes streamlined, from the initial planning stage to installing the last soap dispenser, the customer of the project has one contact, us. Communication is constant and seamless.

From the beginning, our team will listen and assess your needs, priorities, and budget. Together we will design a facility that is right for you. With our expertise in construction and design involved throughout the entire process, your project will be the perfect blend of form, function, and feasibility. This seamless interaction and planning allows your project to get done on schedule and on budget; with the highest overall quality of work.

Teamwork. Enhanced Value. Greater efficiency. Cost Effectiveness.


  1. As you have chosen your construction professional on the basis of confidence, trust and relationship, not just low price, there is less risk to the owner.
  2. Sets up team relationship among construction professional, architect and owner instead of adversarial relationship that can result from choice based on low bid.
  3. You will get early cost input from the construction professional. A price is put on design ideas as they are developed.
  4. Greatly decreases the need for high cost change orders.
  5. Construction costs are minimized by using the latest systems and methods that the construction professional knows are cost effective.
  6. Chances for misunderstandings are minimized.
  7. You get the best ideas from your team members due to the cooperative team spirit.
  8. Realistic budgets and completion dates are established by the construction professional that will do the work.



This Systems West approach to construction is most common for relatively straightforward projects without a lot of design involvement and often without the needs of an architect. For example, this construction approach probably makes the most sense if you are looking at a 100’ x 200’ Pre-Engineered Steel Building and the overall layout, design, and function are known. We see Negotiated General Contracting approaches most often with past customers and facility expansions, agricultural buildings, airplane hangars, and most pre-engineered building solutions.

Systems West would be responsible for doing the necessary design and layout and assembling the best solution for the customers’ needs and budget. Typically, we would be responsible for all facets of the project, providing a total package from start to completion. This may involve coordinating and scheduling several subcontractors and suppliers and likely having Systems West’s experienced in-house crews perform some or all aspects of the project.



This construction approach blends a little more responsibility with the customer while still relying on Systems West’s construction expertise. The customer is typically responsible for working with the architect and engineers and then working with Systems West for the subcontractor and supplier aspects of the project. We most often use Construction Management for high profile projects or publicly funded projects that might include more people involved and emotionally invested in the project.

Through this approach, Systems West would be involved from the beginning phases of the project all the way through close out. We would be responsible for managing the construction team, budget, and schedule. Systems West would manage all the subcontractors and suppliers. By administering the bidding process, we would work with all trades and suppliers to get competitive proposals and then help the owner compare and evaluate each to determine who is the right choice for each portion of the project.

Construction Management approaches can be done with two different ways:



This Systems West approach to construction is most common for relatively small scale construction needs. We most often use this construction approach for projects such as small building additions, repairs, installing partition walls, or installing accessories such as walk doors, gutters, or windows.

Over the past 5 decades, we have built relationships with hundreds of satisfied customers. These customers have come to trust the efficiency of our crews and know Systems West will do what we say. They understand that with this trust, doing these simpler projects on a Time and Material contract will save them money.

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