Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Why Choose a steel building?

Steel Buildings are versatile. With different framing systems such as clearspan or modular, the building can be designed for your application. From manufacturing plants and warehouses to offices and retail, steel buildings are applicable in almost every design. In fact, in many cases you may not even be able to tell that a building is made from steel. Steel buildings also can be incorporated with virtually any other construction material. Systems West offers buildings in virtually endless sizes; your building’s height, width, or length can be determined based on your unique situation. Especially on large buildings where you need uninterrupted interior space, steel buildings have the ability to clearspan great distances not achievable with wood. And future expansion is simple; a steel buildings offers many different options for width and length extensions.

Durability and Longevity
You’ve heard the saying “as tough as steel.” Steel buildings are made to last. Unlike wood, steel will not crack, twist, warp, rot, settle, or harbor insects. A metal building can stand up to Mother Nature, providing ultimate protection from the elements. Steel buildings are known for their protection against high winds, heavy snows, and other hazardous weather. Also, maintenance is very minimal with a steel building compared to other materials. When you build a steel building, you are making a quality, long-term investment.

Cost Advantages- Design and Materials
The idea of a pre-engineered building is to provide custom engineering to each situation while having the basic and common components already designed and engineered. This provides a custom engineered project without completely “reinventing the wheel” while keeping costs to a minimum. With our advanced technology, we are able to design and engineer a building specific to your application.

No Waste
A steel building provides optimal use of materials. Each building is designed at the factory, so there is no residual waste. You are only paying for the materials used. Also, each and every frame has been specifically engineered to meet your local loads and codes. No more, no less.

Less Labor
Since these buildings are pre-engineered and designed to fit together, labor costs are greatly decreased. With pre-punched connections, marked components, and detailed assembly drawings, erection is streamlined. All these characteristics help you, the customer, save money.

Energy Efficient
There are several different options for insulating a steel building, most of which are extremely efficient for heating and cooling. With insulation such as our Super Saver System, you can greatly lower your overall energy consumption. Our metal roofs, especially light colored roofs, reflect heat in warm weather, which means lower cooling costs. Another advantage of our insulation systems is their ability to reduce noise from falling rain and other loud noises.

Steel buildings can go up remarkably quick, especially with Systems West’s experienced crews. Steel buildings are pre-engineered so that once they are delivered to the job site, you will see great construction progress in a short time frame.

There is much to be said about safety when it comes to a steel building. Obviously, steel’s strength provides ultimate protection from weather. They are also very heat and fire resistant because steel doesn’t burn. In fact, this fire safety often leads to insurance savings versus other construction materials. Our buildings also provide a structure that does not absorb water, so there is less chance of hazardous mold or mildew. Steel also doesn’t require any treatment from chemicals like wood structures do.

Steel buildings are made of material-efficient, completely recyclable products. The impact of steel on our environment is far less than using a non-renewable resource such as wood. Almost all of the steel used to make the primary frames on our buildings is made from recycled scrap. Also, since our buildings are pre-engineered, there is no waste. All our projects are designed to minimize the amount of steel used to meet exact specifications. Even upon the completion of your project, the amount of unusable or non-recyclable material is very minimal, as opposed to other materials. Since steel buildings have such long life expectancies, they keep the impact to our environment minimal. Unlike other construction materials, a steel building can often been re-located and used for another application. Many of our buildings incorporate “Green” attributes that can earn credits for LEED Certification and also meet “cool” roof criteria.https://modafexpertnl.comSonstiges


Since 1967 Systems West has chosen to partner with Butler Manufacturing the world’s leading pre-engineered steel building. Butler Mfg. is a building-solutions company providing the design, manufacture, and marketing of metal building systems for over 100 years!

As your trusted local Butler Builder, you can count on Systems West to provide you with the best quality pre-engineered steel building in the industry. Our construction experience will ensure your project is completed to the highest quality, on time, with no surprises and within your budget.

This long relationship with Butler Mfg. ensures we know and trust the products we are selling. We truly believe we are offering the best value to our customers. Systems West and Butler will be there to support and service your building for its lifetime!

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